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BA for Artificial Intelligence

Our Business Analyst Team is trained in XAI (Explainable Artificial Intelligence) which allows human users to comprehend the outputs created by various Machine Learning Algorithms. Our BA Center of Excellence has strong competencies in Artificial Intelligence and they serve as the bridge between Stakeholders and developers to help validate the AI-based requirements.

Our Competencies

Requirement Elicitation for Conversational User Experience for Chat Bot Implementations

Natural Language (NLU) Based Bots and Rule-based bots

Data Organisations for Machine Learning Models

Analytics & Data Processing

Our Business Analyst teams are extremely competent with our exposure to different data analytics ranging from descriptive analytics to Predictive analytics ensuring improved decision-making among organizations. we have interesting Business Analysts who are a rare mix of Data and Visual intelligence.

Our Competencies

Microsoft PowerBI

Datawarehouse Integration Capabilities

Advanced Excel Calculations

Product Ideation for MVP

We collaborate with multiple start-ups thereby helping their organization in their Product Journey. Our Business Analysts use exclusive Design Thinking Principles to help identify Product Ideas and we work closely with our development team to design a Minimum Viable Product.

we also take a proactive approach to helping customers with Market Research and Product Fitment

Our Competencies

Requirement Elicitation

Design Thinking Principles

Microsoft .net capabilities

Understanding of APIs

Market & Competitor Analysis relevant to the Idea